ReadMe file for Command Line Utilities by Ron Charlton, release 26



Release 26: convertNewlines is replaced with cnl. cnl works like convertNewlines but also will process matching files in sub-directories if requested.
Programs wc, locc and sha3sum have their -r/--recursive options changed to -s/--subdirs because the word recursive describes a programming technique instead of what the option does. I'm sorry for any confusion this change may cause.
Some other utilities have bug fixes and minor improvements.

Release 25: Added uniq utility to remove duplicate lines from input.

Release 24: sha3sum now has option -r to recursively visit sub-directories.

Release 23: locc now processes very old Macintosh files (with CR line endings) correctly.

Release 22: wc now has a -r option to recurse into subdirectories. It also defaults to adding thousands separators in the counts (they may be turned off with option -n).

Release 21: locc now has a -r option to recurse into subdirectories. It also adds thousands separators in the counts (they may be turned off with option -n). locc will count lines of Go and C++ source code as well as C source code.

Release 20: Added locc to show a count of non-comment, non-whitespace lines of C source code.

Release 19: Added genfile to generate a file of specified size, with a repeated phrase, 'A' characters, or cryptographically generated pseudorandom bytes.

Release 18: Added PhoneWord to make words from a telephone number (x64 only).

Release 17: Rename HashTimeAndClock as HashTime to better reflect what it does.

Release 16: Build bitCounter correctly for Win32/x86 machines.

Release 15: Changed my email address in -v/--version info in all programs.

Release 14: Fixed detab: It mishandled tab characters in some cases.

Release 13: Fixed a hexdump newline error when writing to an output file.

Release 12: Added program Xdebt.

Release 11: Several programs were crashing due to a programming error in one source file.

Release 10, xargs will terminate its child process when it (xargs) is signalled to close (e.g., Ctrl+C). Source code for xargs is included in sub-directory xargs_source.

How To Use These Programs

The two sub-directories — Win32 (for 32-bit Windows) and x64 (for 64-bit Windows) — contain 37 identical programs, all described below. These are native Win32 and x64 Windows programs and require no support files to run. Directory x64 contains one additional program (PhoneWord).

To install these programs: Copy the files from the appropriate Win32 or x64 directory to a directory that is in your computer's executable search path (see "echo %PATH%" [with no quotes]).

These programs accept "-h" or "--help" as requests for help on how to use them. For example, type "commconv -h" at the command prompt. Program xargs is documented in xargs.html in this directory, as well as with "-h/--help".

See COPYING.txt in this directory for program licenses. Also see GNUCOPYING.txt in this directory for the GNU GPL, and COPYING.LIB.txt for regcomp(), regexec() and regerror() licenses.

Programs In The Win32 And x64 Directories

Please report any program misbehavior to me at the following email address. Please include any output from the misbehaving program when the misbehavior occurred.

E-mail: Ron Charlton <Ron @>

Document last revised: 2019-09-01