TTTCube Menus

TTTCube has five menus:

File->New                      Ctrl+N - start a new game

File->Open...                  Ctrl+O - open a game that was saved earlier

File->Save                     Ctrl+S - save the current game

File->Save As...                      - save the current game with a new name

File->[saved games]                   - a list of recently saved games

File->Exit                            - exit the game (with prompt to save it)

Edit->Copy                     Ctrl+C - copy numeric XYZ coordinates as text

Edit->Paste                    Ctrl+P - Paste a game on the clipboard as a new game

Edit->Undo                     Ctrl+Z - undo the last move (can be repeated)

Edit->Move                     Ctrl+M - computer moves first

View->Rotate Clockwise         Ctrl+R - turn the board 90 clockwise

View->Rotate Counterclockwise  Ctrl+L - turn the board 90 counterclockwise

View->Background->Solid               - show a solid color background

View->Background->Gradient            - show a color-graduated background

View->Background->Image               - show one of four pictures as the background

View->Transparent Board        Ctrl+T - make the board squares transparent

View->Toolbar                         - show or hide the toolbar

View->Tool Tips                       - show or hide tool tips

View->Status Bar                      - show or hide the Status bar

Difficulty->Easy               Ctrl+1 - the computer is easy to defeat

Difficulty->Medium             Ctrl+2 - the computer has medium skill

Difficulty->Hard               Ctrl+3 - the computer is hard to defeat

Help->Help Contents...         Ctrl+H - show TTTCube Help Contents

Help->About TTTCube...                - about version, copyright and author information

Help->License...                      - show TTTCube's license and re-distribution requirements

Copyright 2015, 2010, 2009 & 2005 by Ron Charlton