Using WinGhost

Starting WinGhost

To start WinGhost, click Start»Programs»WinGhost»WinGhost. This assumes you accepted the default installation setup.

Playing WinGhost

To start a game against WinGhost, type a letter, then click the Enter button, or press the Enter key, or press the Alt+E keys. If you want WinGhost to move first, click the I Move button instead. Each letter must lead toward an English word. Proper nouns are not allowed.

Each time you move, WinGhost will respond with its letter choice and show the letters accumulated so far.

Continue adding letters to the end until WinGhost or you are forced to spell a word of four or more letters, thereby losing the game.  Whoever spells a word of four or more letters loses.


As a reward for reading this help, you will now learn how to ask for a hint. Type any punctuation and press the Enter button or key. WinGhost will show a randomly selected word for the letters entered so far. The hint is neutral; it can be a winner for WinGhost or for you. It is selected randomly from all possible words for the letters entered so far.

WinGhost Buttons

WinGhost has six buttons:

WinGhost has no menu.

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